Sandeep Dhall

Sandeep Dhall MBA CBAP® CSCP

Investor | Meditator | Growth Architect | Author | Marketer | Pricing, Customer Segmentation, Business & Technology Strategist

I help, Invest in, Partner with Small & Medium Businesses to Build, Grow and Scale

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I invest and do creative partnerships with smb companies. They need more than just equity to Build, Grow Scale & Exit
Marketing & pricing

Marketing & Pricing

Building exponential organizations through growth architecture, pricing, customer segmentation & market positioning

SMB champion

I bring my 25+ years of experience in Business and Technology to help small and medium-size build Moat, Grow and Scale Businesses

Immigrant success

Diversity is the foundation of all innovation. Therefore, I help immigrants integrate and better contribute to the economy of the US and Canada


What Tim Ferriss, Jack Dorsey, Yuval Noah Harari, and I have in common?
It is Vipassana Mediation.

“A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur”

- Naveen Jain Billionaire Entrepreneur

My goal in life is to positively impact more than 50 million people through my businesses, investments, courses, expertise, and philanthropy.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American Economy

I help you work on your Business rather than in
the Business. I am open to JVs, partnership, investing
equity, resources, and of course, advising as a Growth Architect to reach a business valuation of your dreams.

Want to explore a creative Partnership option that works for your unique situation? No Payment unless we reach our agreed goals!

Our core PSPD methodology—Predictable, Sustainable, Profitable, and De-Risked Growth is A Proven Strategy for any Business to Build, Grow and Scale.

PSPD methodology was used in the 1990s by a start-up called Infosys who is now an IT leader and has around 250000 employees worldwide. I used this methodology in my Corporate career and businesses for the last two decades

Grow Fast, Scale, and add Tremendous Value to your Business to Sell in the Next 12 Months

Getting this kind of growth requires different mindset.

As per Peter Theil Co- Founder of Paypal in the book Zero to One:

  1. Horizontal progress is going from 1 to n. E.g., If you take one typewriter and make 100 that’s horizontal progress, even if you do efficiency improvement etc., to the max, it is still 100 typewriters.
  2. But if you have a typewriter and build a word processor, you have made vertical progress.

We help you leverage the power of network, growth multipliers, investments, resources, and many other strategies to achieve exponential success before you decide to exit if at all it is in your goals.

Investor, Growth Architect - Creative Partnerships options

School of Hard knocks combined with my education and global experience in Technology, Sales, Business Development with companies of all sizes (Startup to $ 35 Billion) in India, Canada, and the US has provided me a unique perspective.